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Public Meetings for 2013

This page lists, in reverse chronological order, the notices, slides and summaries documenting the public meetings held concerning the pressurized-water reactors (PWRs) sump performance issue (GSI-191). To learn about future meetings, see our public meeting schedule page.

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Date Description

Public Meeting with South Texas Project (STP) With STP  to Discuss Revised Pilot Submittal and Request for Exemptions for a Risk-Informed Approach to Resolve Generic Safety Issue (GSI) – 191


Public Meeting with AREVA to Discuss Planning for Selected Chapter Closure for the Final Safety Analysis Report for the U.S. EPR Design Certification Application


Public Teleconference Meeting with AREVA to Discuss EPR Technical Issue Resolution


Closed Public Meeting with Generation MPower


2-Day Public Meeting with AREVA to Discuss Revision 5 Design Changes Submittal


Public Meeting with Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, Co. LTD to Discuss GSI-191 in Advanced Power Reactor 1400 Design


Public Meeting with AREAVA to Discuss EPRI Design Certification Technical Issue Resolution


Public Meeting with Calvert Cliffs to Discuss Proposed Resolution Plan to Close GL 2004-02


Public Teleconference Meeting with STP to Discuss Risk-Informed Approach to Resolve GSI-191


Closed Public Meeting with Babcock & Wilcox MPOWER Regarding the Reactor Core, Fuel Mechanical Design Update, Containment, and NSSS Update


Public Teleconference Meeting with STP to discuss Risk-Informed Approach Regarding GSI-191 Resolution


Public Meeting with Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group (PWROG) to Discuss the Ongoing GSI-191 Program


Public Meeting with Calvert Cliffs to Discuss GL2004-02


Public Meeting with PWROG Executive Committee to Discuss Regulatory Issues Affecting the PWROG


Public Teleconference Meeting w Luminant to Discuss GSI-191 for Comanche Peak


Public Meeting with AREVA to Discuss Open Items for the EPR Design Certification and other Emergent Topics

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