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Public Meetings for 2004

This page lists, in reverse chronological order, the notices, slides and summaries documenting the public meetings held concerning the pressurized-water reactors (PWRs) sump performance issue (GSI-191). To learn about future meetings, see our public meeting schedule page.

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Date Description

Category 1 Meeting: Meeting with GE Nuclear Energy (GENE) to discuss their active ECCS Sump screen design for PWR plant designs


Category 2 Meeting: Continued Discussion of risk informed option for resolving GSI-191


Category 2 Meeting: To discuss with NEI an Optional Risk-Informed Approach for the Resolution of GSI-191 PWR Sump Blockage Issue

05/20/2004 Telephone Conference: NRC staff held a telephone conference, supported by their contractor Los Alamos National Laboratory, with NEI to discuss the Baseline Section 3.0 of the PWR Containment Sump Evaluation
05/19/2004 Category 2 Meeting: To continue discussions between the staff, NEI and industry regarding a risk-informed option for resolving GSI-191, and to reach consensus on a path forward.

Category 2 Meeting: NEI will inform the NRC Staff of their proposal for interim safety assessments for licensees that complete a plant-specific evaluation.


Category 3 Meeting: To discuss the draft Generic Letter 2004-XX, "Potential Impact of Debris Blockage on Emergency Recirculation During Design-Basis Accidents at Pressurized Water Reactors." Answer stakeholders questions to clarify their understanding of the draft Generic Letter prior to the stakeholders submitting written comments within the 60day public comment period.

04/28/2004 Category 2 Meeting: To discuss integrated chemical effects test plan and test facility that will be used to conduct the tests.

Summary of GSI-191 Meeting of March 23 and 24, 2004, between NRC Staff and Stakeholders


Category 2 Meeting: To discuss the draft NEI PWR Containment Sump Evaluation Methodology, and the NRC comments regarding the NEI PWR Containment Sump Evaluation Methodology.


Category 2 Meeting: Discuss the WOG activities regarding candidate operator actions for generic emergency response guidelines and status of activities


Category 2 Meeting: Discuss the chemical effects test plan and potential facilities that will be used to conduct the tests

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