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Public Meetings for 2003

This page lists, in reverse chronological order, the notices, slides and summaries documenting the public meetings held concerning the pressurized-water reactors (PWRs) sump performance issue (GSI-191). To learn about future meetings, see our public meeting schedule page.

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Date Description

Category 2 Meeting. Discuss the status of NEI activities re: the evaluation guidelines & chemical precipitation & discuss status of activities re: resolution of GSI-191.


Commission Briefing on License Renewal Program, Power Uprate Activities, and High Priority Areas


Category 2 Meeting: Discuss the testing and analysis necessary to address the chemical precipitation issue on a timescale which is consistent with NRC's current plan for resolving GSI-191


NEI Sump Performance Workshop


Category 2 Meeting: Discuss the status of the industry's methodology regarding debris generation, the status of the Los Alamos National Laboratory's chemical effects tests, and the status of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) generic communications related to GSI-191


Category 2 Meeting: Discuss the contents of Bulletin 2003-01


Category 2 Meeting: To discuss the industry's outline process for determining breach size in support of local debris generation following a design - basis loss-of coolant accident


Category 2 Meeting: To tour the University of New Mexico laboratory and discuss the laboratory's activities and how they support the NRC's efforts related to GSI-191

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