Generic Letter 2004-02 Supplemental Responses and Close-Out

The purpose of the Generic Letter (GL) supplemental response is to provide the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) with the remaining information to support NRC staff verification that corrective actions to address the GL are adequate. In keeping with the holistic resolution approach endorsed by the Commission in its Staff Requirements Memorandum dated November 16, 2006, each licensee may use any combination of measures that will provide reasonable assurance that long-term core cooling is maintained. The GL supplemental response should provide a summary-level description of the approach chosen. This summary should identify key aspects of design modifications, process changes, and supporting analyses that the licensee believes are relevant or important to the NRC staff's verification that corrective actions to address the GL are adequate. The summary should address significant conservatisms and margins that are used to provide high confidence the issue has been addressed even with uncertainties remaining. Licensees should address commitments and/or descriptions of plant programs that support conclusions.

Verification of corrective actions to address the GL will also include review of inspection results associated with Temporary Instruction (TI) 2515/166, "Pressurized Water Reactor Containment Sump Blockage (NRC GL 2004-02)." This TI requires NRC inspectors to verify actions implemented in response to NRC Generic Letter 2004-02 are complete and, where applicable, are programmatically controlled.

In general, the final supplemental responses in each area should, as appropriate, (1) state that the information provided in the previous GL 2004-02 responses continues to apply, (2) supplement the previous information, and (3) revise previous information.

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