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TSTF Travelers with Current or Pending Owners Group Action

This table shows TSTF Travelers with pending or anticipated actions from NEI, the owners groups, or other non-NRC stakeholders. Information from the Technical Specification Task Force and associated dates have been provided in the remarks section.

Updated as of April 10, 2006

TSTF Travelers with Current or Pending Owners Group Action
TSTF # Rev Application Date Closeout Date,
ML#, or FRN
Title Task ID (TAC No.)** Review Branches and ITSB Contact Remarks FRN for comment or Draft SE Target Date
424 0 01/23/03 ML030620047   RITSTF Initiative 4b HPSI operability restoration Completion Time extension (WCAP-15773) MB3541 APOB, LPLx, SPWx, SPBP, EEEB, EICB, IRIB, ITSB Tjader NRC Provided RAIs in RITSTF meeting minutes. TSTF to revise Traveler to address NRC questions by 05/31/2006. Ft. Calhoun lead. Draft in FR "tbd after receipt of revision"
446 1 1/31/05 ML050460293   Risk Informed Evaluation of Extensions to Containment Isolation Valve Completion Times (WCAP-15791) Rev. 1 using same TAC as rev. 0 ITSB LPD4-B: SPSB-A: Thomas TSTF will submit revision to Traveler by 05/12/2006. FRN for comment 05/31/2006
0 10/21/2002 ML022970278 1/31/05 ML050460293 (Adams # is for Rev. 1 receipt) MB6567
468 0 08/30/04 ML042520043   Declare Systems Inoperable Due to an Inoperable MCC or Distribution Panel in lieu of ITS 3.8.9 MC4440 ITSB Clark NRC and TSTF Discussed traveler during TSTF meeting. TSTF to submit revised traveler by 04/28/2006. Comment 08/30/06 Final 12/30/06
477 1 03/31/2006 ML060930039   Add Action for two Inoperable Control Room AC Subsystems Rev. 1 using same TAC as rev. 0 ITSB Hearn Rev. 1 submitted 03/31/2006 to address NRC questions Comment 05/30/06 Final 08/30/06
0 08/30/04 ML042520109 MC4443
484 0 05/05/05 ML052930102   Use of TS 3.10.1 for Scram Time Testing Activities MC8953 ITSB Lewin RAIs issued 4/11/2006 (ML060970568) For comment 06/14/06 Final 10/14/06

** The TAC numbers are provided to ease tracking of the work internally to the NRC. The provided closure information in the "Closeout Date, ML#, or FRN" column provides the NRC's rationale and dates for disposing of the TSTF Traveler. By contrast, the TAC column does not have dates because the TAC#s were not always opened and closed on the same date as the final or last agency action on a TSTF Traveler, especially if the NRC has waited for a response from industry for a long time. In some cases, there is no TAC# because the NRC's work was done under generic programs and not assigned a specific TAC#.

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