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Open TSTF Travelers

This table shows Open TSTF Travelers, a brief status, and the anticipated dates for completion.

Updated Friday, September 08, 2006

TSTF # Rev Application Date Title Task ID (TAC No.) Review Branches and ITSB Contact Remarks FRN for Comment or Draft SE Target Date (if Traveler is approved)
409 2 11/10/03 ML033280006 Containment Spray System Completion Time Extension
(CE NPSD-1045-A) (Already included in STS Rev 3)
MD1812 replaced MC5093 on 05/19/06 to support NRC internal process ITSB Thomas Industry submitted comments on 5/10/06.
NRC response to comments sent to NEI 06/13/06.
Meeting on comments held 7/25/06 ML062190066
FRN for Comment published
ML060250606 04/10/06

FRN for Availability 09/30/06
412 2 01/31/06 ML060370064 Actions for One Steam Supply to Turbine Driven AFW/EFW Pump Inoperable MD0685 (supersedes MC6304) ITSB Wertz
Draft SE and RAIs sent 04/14/06 ML061040048

Response to NRC Request arrived 07/12/06 ML061930276
For Comment by 02/28/07

424 0 01/23/03 ML030620047 RITSTF Initiative 4b HPSI operability restoration Completion Time extension (WCAP-15773) MB3541 APOB, LPLx, SPWB, SBPB, EEEB, EICB, IRIB, ITSB Tjader NRC Provided RAIs in RITSTF meeting minutes. TSTF to revise Traveler to address NRC questions by 08/31/2006. Ft. Calhoun lead. Draft in FR "tbd after receipt of revision"
425 0 08/31/04 ML052990318 RITSTF Initiative 5 Relocate Surveillance Frequencies to Licensee Control. MC3567 LIMERICK MC3568 LIMERICK MB2531 TSTF 425 APOB, LPLx, SPWx, SPBP, EEEB, EICB, IRIB,
ITSB Tjader
NRC provided RAIs on the methodology document and the Limerick lead plant submittal. For Comment 10/30/06.

Final by 02/31/06
426 0 08/30/04 ML042520158 "Revise or Add Actions to Preclude Entry into LCO 3.0.3 - RITSTF Initiatives 6b & 6c" for CE plants. MC4438 APOB, SBPB, ITSB Tjader RAI sent 11/13/04 ML043000048
TSTF responded to RAI
NRC to issue Notice for Comment
For Comment issued
71 FR 41264-41280
Final by 09/26/06
427 2 05/03/06 ML061240055 RITSTF Initiative 7, Allowance for non Technical Specification Barrier Degradation on Supported System Operability MB2388 APOB,
ITSB Tjader
Rev. 2 for changes in guidance document, NEI 04-08, "Allowance for Non-Technical Specification Barrier Degradation on Supported System Operability (TSTF-427)." NEI 04-08 was submitted to the NRC by NEI on April 4, 2006 ML061220426. For comment published in 71 FR 32145

Final by 10/30/06.
446 1 1/31/05 ML050460293 Risk Informed Evaluation of Extensions to Containment Isolation Valve Completion Times (WCAP-15791) MD1808 replaced MB6567 on 05/19/06 to support NRC internal process ITSB LPD4-B: SPSB-A: Thomas NRC's methodology depends on resolution of TSTF 409 and a licensee's adoption of the topical report. FRN for comment after lead plant resolution Final after comments resolved
459 1 02/13/06 ML060440645 Provide an Exception to the Requirement to Have One RHR Shutdown Cooling System in Operation MD0039 ITSB Roth Public meeting held 06/08 to discuss traveler ML061670309 For comment by 02/13/07

Final by 06/13/07
476 0 08/30/04 ML042540121 Improved BPWS Control Rod Insertion Process (NEDO-33091) MC4442 SBWB,
ITSB Thomas
Comments received on 06/03/06. Need to draft responses and issue FRN for availability Notice for Comment in 71 FR 26118 05/03/06

Final 09/30/06
477 1 03/31/06 ML060930039 Add Action for two Inoperable Control Room AC Subsystems MC4443 ITSB Hearn Rev. 1 submitted 03/31/06 to address NRC questions. Rev. 2 submitted 07/18/06 Need for Rev. 3 to be discussed Comment date pending NRC/TSTF discussions

Final tbd
2 07/18/06
478   04/25/05 ML051170308 "BWR Technical Specification Changes that Implement the Revised Rule for Combustible Gas Control" MC8336 ITSB Harbuck APLA SCVB BWR Technical Specification Changes that Implement the Revised Rule for Combustible Gas Control Comment 12/30/06

Final 05/30/07
486 0 06/03/05 ML051580191 Revise MTC Surveillance for Startup Test Activity Reduction (STAR) Program (WCAP-16011) MC8896 SPWB, ITSB Tjader Review scheduled into centralized work planning. For comment 11/15/06

Final 01/30/07
487 0 06/20/05 ML051860302 Relocate DNB Parameters to the COLR MC8594 ITSB Roth SNPB SPWB RAIs be sent 08/06 For Comment 09/30/06

Final 12/30/06
490 0 09/13/05 ML052630462 "Deletion of E Bar Definition and Revision to RCS Specific Activity Tech Spec" MC8565 ITSB Wertz AADB See also Wolf Creek MC8819; Diablo Canyon MC9671/MC9672 due 01/01/07. For comment 10/30/06

Final 01/13/07
491 0 09/13/05 ML052590343 "Removal of Main Steam and Main Feedwater Valve Isolation Times From Technical Specifications" MC8562 ITSB Hearn Reviewed as BSI for Beaver Valley ITS conversion in progress. For comment 9/30/06

Final 1/30/07
492 0 10/25/05 ML052990215 "Modify RHR - High Water Level Bases to Address Decay Heat Removal with Upper Internals Installed"(Bases 3.9.5) MC8758 ITSB Wertz SPWB APOB Review in progress Bases change: need for CLIIP to be discussed See remarks
495 0 7/18/06
"Bases Change to Address GE Part 21 SC05-03" MD2672 ITSB
Acceptance and Scheduling in process Bases change: need for CLIIP to be discussed See remarks
497 0 7/12/06
"Limit Inservice Testing Program SR 3.0.2 Application to Frequencies of 2 Years or Less." tbd tbd Acceptance review in process tbd
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