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TSTF Travelers Closed

The table below presents information about TSTF Travelers which have been closed recently.

A closed TSTF Traveler is one where all work associated with the TAC # has been completed. Closure will occur when the NRC issues the final FRN or the final SE.

Closure will also occur if the NRC anticipates that no further work will be done on a particular revision, and a new TSTF Traveler is not submitted to the NRC within a reasonable time. A TSTF Traveler might also be closed if the TSTF group informs the NRC that a TSTF Traveler is "on hold" or if a significant amount of time passes without a response to formal RAIs or informal questions.

Updated Thursday, June 15, 2006

TSTF Travelers
TSTF # Rev Application Date, ML# Closeout Date,
ML#, or FRN
Title Task ID (TAC No.)** Review Branches and ITSB Contact Remarks FRN, SE, model LAR, review plan, NSHD
343 1 06/29/2005 ML051860291 12/06/05 ML053460302 Containment Structural Integrity Rev. 1: No TAC ITSB Hearn Incorporated into Rev. 3.1 N/A
0 07/11/1999 ML012060129 05/16/00 ML003715367 (Referring to 03/20/00) ML003695878 Rev. 0: MA6708
374 0 04/20/01 ML011340449 04/21/06
71 FR 20735
Revision to TS 5.5.13 and associated TS Bases for Diesel Fuel Oil MC5092 ITSB Hearn CLIIPed NOA: 71 FR 20735 dated April 21, 2006 Model SE, NSHCD: 71 FR 9179 Model LAR: ML061170540
417 0 09/05/01 ML012530030 11/02/05 ML053060296 AC Electrical Power System Completion Times (WCAP‑15622) MB2878 MB2257 for topical. ITSB Withdrawn N/A
422 1 01/23/03 ML030270099 07/05/05
70 FR 38729
Risk-Informed Modifications to Selected Required Action End States for CE Plants Rev. 1: MB7337 ITSB CLIIP Example Application at 70 FR 38729 Model SE and NSHC at 70 FR 23238
0 06/06/02 ML021920029 01/02/03 ML023570044 Rev. 0: MB5531
439 2 06/20/05 ML051860296 01/11/06 ML060120272 Eliminate Second Completion Times Limiting Time from Discovery of Failure to Meet an LCO Rev 2: No TAC ITSB Schulten Incorporated into Rev. 3.1 N/A
1 10/28/02 ML023100066 03/03/03 ML030640863 (RAI) MB6689
0 06/06/02 ML021920029 09/18/02 ML022620042 (noting NEI TSTF was working on 439) MB5534
448 3 08/08/06 ML062210095 12/29/06 ML063630467 01/09/07
72 FR 2022
Control Room Habitability Rev. 3: MC8335 ITSB Harbuck AADB Kotzalas SCVB Walker CLIIP (Draft FR notice for comment 10/17/06 71 FR 61075) Models of Application, SE, and NSHC at 72 FR 2022
2 08/18/05 ML052930105 03/10/06
Rev. 2: MC8335
450 0 07/15/03 ML032020067 07/28/05 ML052090097 Staggered integrated ESFAS Testing (WCAP 15830) No TAC for TSTF Traveler. MB9131 for Topical. Schulten The topical associated with TSTF 450 was not approved. See ML052090097 dated July 28, 2005. WOG plans Response by 06/30/06 N/A
454 1 09/21/05 ML052700153 12/13/05
70 FR 73802
Increase PCIV Completion Times from 4 hours, 24 hours, and 72 hours to 7 days (NEDC-33046) Both Rev. 0 and Rev. 1 used MC1448 ITSB LPD4-A: SPSB-A: Harbuck CLIIP. Example Application at ML053070410 Model SE and NSHC at 70 FR 73802
0 09/05/03 ML032520693 9/21/2005 ML052700153 (ML# is for Rev.1 receipt, which referred to approval of topical 01/20/2005 ML050240360)
459 0 12/17/03 ML033350006 02/13/06 ML060440645 (ML# is for Rev. 1, which is a complete replacement of Rev. 0.) TAC MC1449 closed 12/12/05. Provide an Exception to the Requirement to Have One RHR Shutdown Cooling System in Operation MC1449 ITSB Superceded. On a teleconference 3/17/04, NRC indicated unwilling to change the LCO not to require an RHR subsystem to be in operation. N/A
465 0 09/17/03 ML033350006 04/14/06 ML061080403 Addition of time performance Surveillance Requirement (SR) note to Source Range Monitor (SRM) SRs MC1451 ITSB Schulten Denied N/A
467 0 06/28/2004, ML042520039 11/02/05 ML053060296 Add Restriction for Lowest Loop Tave During MODE 2 Physics Testing, MC4439 From 9/10/04 to 9/22/04 tac# was MC4037 ITSB Withdrawn N/A
468 0 08/30/04 ML042520043 06/13/06 ML061520087 Declare Systems Inoperable Due to an Inoperable MCC or Distribution Panel in lieu of ITS 3.8.9 MC4440 ITSB Clark Denied N/A
479 0 22/02/04 ML052990317 12/06/05 ML053460302 Changes to reflect revision of 10 CFR 50.55a MC6271 MC6272 MC6273 MC6274
(one tac per vendor)
ITSB Hearn Incorporated into STS 3.1 ***
Contact NRC prior to requesting LAR.
*** Contact NRC prior to requesting LAR.
482 0 02/15/05 ML052930102 11/27/06 ML062990425 Correct LCO 3.0.6 Bases MC6189 MC6190 MC6191 MC6192 (one TAC per vendor) MC9448 ITSB Tjader Roth Incorporated into STS 3.1 N/A
484 0 05/05/05 ML051570066 12/06/05 ML053460302 Use of TS 3.10.1 for Scram Time Testing Activities MC8953 ITSB Lewin CLIIP Model SE NOA: 71 FR 63050 dated Oct. 27, 2006
Model Application NOA: 71 FR 68642 dated Nov. 27, 2006
485 0 05/31/05 ML051570066 12/06/05 ML053460302 Correct Example 1.4-1 No TAC# ITSB Hearn Roth Incorporated into STS 3.1 N/A

** Technical assignment control (TAC) numbers are used to categorize work and determine fee recovery. The TAC numbers are provided to ease tracking of the work internally to the NRC. Most TSTF Travelers have associated TAC numbers. The provided closure information in the "Closeout Date, ML#, or FRN" column provides the NRC's rationale and dates for disposing of the TSTF Traveler. By contrast, the TAC column does not have dates because the TAC#s were not always opened and closed on the same date as the final or last agency action on a TSTF Traveler, especially if the NRC has waited for a response from industry for a long time. In some cases, there is no TAC# because the NRC's work was done under generic programs and not assigned a specific TAC#.; TSTFs 479 and 482 had one TAC# per vendor. TSTF 482 had an fifth TAC# opened then cancelled.

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