2014 Meetings for the BWXT mPower™ Design

The following table lists, in chronological order, the meetings that staff of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) conducted with representatives of BWXT mPower, Inc., in connection with the pre-application activities associated with the BWXT mPower™ reactor design. To learn about future public meetings, see our Public Meeting Schedule.

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Date Description
02/25/14 mPower Non-Public Meeting to Discuss Flow Induced Vibration Report Overview, and Testing Programs Update
01/29/14 mPower Public Meeting to Discuss Severe Accident Mitigation Design Alternative (SAMDA)
01/28-29/14 mPower Non-Public Meeting to Discuss System Design Update, Design Reliability Assessment Program (DRAP) Update, ASME Code Update, Instrumentation and Control D3 and Architecture Update, Gale Code, Flywheel Report Overview, and Departure from Nucleate Boiling (DNB) Report Overview

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