SMR Pre-Application Activities

Pre-application activities hero image

Below is a list of the small modular reactor designers and potential license applicants with whom the NRC is engaged with in pre-application, design certification and standard design approval activities.
Small modular reactor developers interested in beginning preapplication engagement with the NRC staff or planning to submit applications should review "DRAFT Pre-application Engagement to Optimize Advanced Reactors Application Reviews" and respond to RIS-20-02, "Review of New Licensing Applications for Light-Water Reactors and Non-Light Water Reactors," to inform the staff so we can plan our resources accordingly.

Project Name / Design Application Type Applicant Status
Clinch River Nuclear Site Pre-Application for a Construction Permit Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) In-progress
Carbon Free Power Project  / NuScale US460 SDA Pre-Application for a Combined License Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) Withdrawn
AP300 Pre-Application for a Design Certification Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC) In-progress
SMR-300 Pre-Application SMR, LLC, a subsidiary of Holtec International In-progress
BWRX-300 Pre-Application GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) In-progress
Duke Energy Belews Creek Pre-application for Early Site Permit Duke Energy In-progress