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Cooperation in Pre-application Review Activities for Advanced Reactors

This activity serves as a platform for establishing and testing regulatory cooperation processes using specific case studies from a design under development, being reviewed in both Canada and the US.

CNSC and USNRC will each assess how the design is addressing regulatory requirements in each country and share experiences in a collaborative fashion.

Artist illustration of Terrestrial power generation diagram displaying Integral Molten Salt Reactor Core Unit, fuel-salt pump drive motors, decondary coolant salt, secondary coolant heat exchanger, secondary coolant salt pump, 600 degrees industrial solar salt loops, power generation, thermal storage, grid services, wind and solar, process heat uses, chemical synthesis, and water desalination. NuScale Illustration xenergy General Electric Illustration

Develop Guidance for Staff Review of New Build License Applications for Advanced Reactor Projects

Project: Develop Guidance for Staff Review of Applications for Advanced Reactor Projects

Objective/Scope:  Develop common criteria/guidance for technology-inclusive, risk-informed, and performance-based staff review of applications for advanced reactors. Document areas of commonality and differences between the Canadian approach and US approach.

Key Activities and Outputs: CNSC and USNRC staff are identifying the similarities and differences between their approaches to reviewing advanced reactor designs. Initial output will be a joint report comparing the USNRC’s Licensing Modernization Project and Canadian practice.

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