2010 Applicant Documents for North Anna, Unit 3 Application

The following table provides access to the COL Application and other documents that Dominion submitted in 2010 for North Anna, Unit 3.

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Date Description
12/16/10 Response to Request for Electronic Files
12/16/10 Results of the Review of ESBR R-COLA RAI Responses
12/10/10 Response to Request for Additional Information Letter 046, Cyber Security Plan, Part 8
12/09/10 Revised Response to RAI Question 08.02-37 (RAI Letter 029)
11/10/10 Endorsement of Comanche Peak Units 3 and 4 R-COLA RAI Responses
10/27/10 Results of Part 2, FSAR Chapter 8 RAI Review
09/09/10 Response to Request for Electronic Files
08/11/10 Probability of Missile Generation From Low Pressure Turbines (Part 2, FSAR Chapter 10)
06/28/10 Physical Security Plan, Revision 2 CAS/SAS Report, Revision 2 Supplement to US-APWR High Assurance Report, and Supplement to US-APWR Design Certification Physical Security Element Review (Part 8)
06/28/10 Loss of Large Areas of the Plant Due to Explosions or Fire (LOLA) and Cyber Security Plan, Revision 1 (Part 8)
06/28/10 Submissions 6 and 7 - revisions to Parts 1-5, 7, 10, and new Part 11 reflecting the selection of US-APWR reactor technology
05/18/10 Technology Change - announcement of selection of MHI's US-APWR as the reactor technology for North Anna Unit 3

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