Significant NGNP Pre-licensing Submittals from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

Listed below are key white papers and other information submitted by DOE and INL during the prelicensing interactions for NGNP.

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NGNP White Paper Submittals

Date Description
09/20/11 Probabilistic Risk Assessment
10/28/10 Determining Appropriate Emergency Planning Zone Size and Emergency Planning Attributes for an HTGR
09/21/10 Structures, Systems, and Components Safety Classification
09/16/10 Licensing Basis Event Selection
07/21/10 Mechanistic Source Terms
07/21/10 Fuel Qualification
06/25/10 High Temperature Materials
12/09/09 Defense-in-Depth Approach

Other Significant NGNP Submittals and Supporting Documents

Date Description
01/17/13 Transcripts of Information Briefing by DOE and INL to the NRC Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, Future Plants Subcommittee
07/06/12 DOE Letter to NRC on Key Issues for NGNP Licensing
09/13/11 NGNP Project Regulatory Gap Analysis for Modular HTGRs
09/06/11 Modular HTGR Safety Basis and Approach

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