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Interactions with the Public

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One of NRC's values is Openness: nuclear regulation is the public's business, and it must be transacted publicly and candidly. The public must be informed about and have the opportunity to participate in the regulatory processes as required by law. Open channels of communication must be maintained with Congress, other government agencies, licensees, and the public, as well as with the international nuclear community.

Compared to the pace of normal fuels development and licensing, Accident Tolerant Fuel (ATF) technologies are on reduced timeframes. As a result, the NRC is putting forth a concerted effort to provide the general public the opportunity to (1) view the interactions between the NRC and industry regarding ATF, (2) understand the technical and regulatory progress being made with ATF technologies, and (3) provide input and feedback to NRC ATF-related activities and decisions.

Public Meetings

The NRC is reaching out to the public in many ways. The NRC staff hold public meetings with vendors, industry groups, and other stakeholders in order to inform the public of current activities. The table below lists all of the ATF-related public meetings held since the April 12, 2018 NRC Commission Meeting on ATF.


04/12/2018 Commission Meeting ML18106A795 (transcript)
05/04/2018 DOE Interactions Meeting ML18149A641
06/12/2018 ATF PIRT Process Meeting N/A
09/12/2018 ATF Project Plan Public Meeting N/A
09/13/2018 Senate EPW Hearing on ATF N/A
11/16/2018 ACRS Subcommittee meeting: ATF Confirmatory Analysis ML18340A016 (transcript)
12/06/2018 Fuel Burnup Extension ML18353B011
12/17/2018 GEH meeting to discuss shipping ATF in Model 2000 package ML19009A022
02/05/2019 GEH meeting to discuss shipping ATF fuel rods in Model 2000 package ML19053A695
02/27/2019 GNF ATF Meeting (Closed with open portions) ML19105B184
02/27/2019 Framatome ATF Meeting (Closed with open portions) ML19121A258
02/28/2019 Westinghouse ATF Meeting (Closed with open portions) ML19101A022
03/11/2019 Public meeting with GEH to discuss technical approach supporting amending Model 2000 transportation package to ship ATF ML19086A073
03/14/2019 2019 RIC Technical Session: Licensing Consideration for Future Nuclear Fuel Cycles N/A
03/14/2019 ATF RIC Session N/A
04/23/2019 Coated Cladding PIRT Meeting N/A
06/05/2019 GNF ATF Meeting (Closed with open portions) ML19227A094
06/06/2019 Public meeting with GEH to discuss amending Model 2000 transportation package to ship ATF ML19176A085
07/09/2019 Framatome ATF Meeting (Closed with open portions) N/A
08/06/2019 Draft Coated Cladding ISG Public Meeting N/A
09/12/2019 Burnup/Enrichment Project Plan Public Meeting N/A
09/17/2019 ACRS Subcommittee meeting: Coated Cladding ISG ML19276D420 (transcript)
09/18/2019 2019 REGCON: Advanced Fuels Update on the Front End of the Fuel Cycle N/A
09/18/2019 Westinghouse ATF Meeting (Closed with open portions) ML20083H066
09/25/2019 Fuel Cycle CER Public Meeting – NMSS Activities on ATF and Increased Enrichment N/A
11/06/2019 GNF ATF Meeting (Closed with open portions) ML20010E603
12/04/2019 Public Meeting on Coated Cladding ISG comment resolution ML19340A022
02/25/2020 Commission meeting on ATF ML20058F069 (transcript)
03/11/2020 GNF ATF Meeting (Closed with open portions) ML20104A038
06/10/2020 Pre-application meeting with Daher Nuclear Technologies GmbH for a new UF6 transportation package with up to 10 percent enrichment ML20171A774
07/30/2020 Higher Burnup Workshop ML20260H000
08/12/2020 NRC Staff Update provided prior to Framatome ATF and Advanced Fuel Management Meeting ML20225A009
10/28/2020 Pre-application meeting with Framatome regarding ANP-10340P (Supplement), "Incorporation of Chromia-Doped Fuel Properties in AREVA Approved Methods" ML21008A051
02/02/2021 Partially Open Meeting with Exelon, Southern Nuclear Company, and Global Nuclear Fuel Regarding Higher Burnup and Increased Enrichment for Advanced Boiling Water Reactor Fuels ML21026A240
02/24/2021 Partially Open meeting with Framatome regarding fuel particle transport in higher burnup fuels ML21050A328
03/18/2021 Partially Open meeting with Global Nuclear Fuel on their plan for higher burnup boiling water reactor fuels ML21064A404
03/30/2021 Partially Open meeting with Global Nuclear Fuel on the status of their ATF program ML21099A096
05/25/2021 Partially Open meeting with Framatome on their plans for licensing higher burnup fuel ML21141A235
06/02/2021 Meeting with NEI and EPRI on the EPRI technical report for licensing higher burnup fuel ML21167A243
06/10/2021 Higher Burnup Workshop II ML21176A040

07/22/2021 Public Meeting to Discuss Changes to the Accident Tolerant Fuel Project Plan ML21208A152
01/27/2022 Public Meeting with Southern Nuclear Company to Discuss a Planned License Amendment Request to Install ATF with Increased Enrichment Lead Test Assemblies at Vogtle, Unit 2 ML22028A045
03/30/2022 NRC Staff Presentations at the March 2022 Joint EPRI/INL Accident Tolerant Fuels and Higher Burnup Workshops ML22090A002

ATF-related correspondence e-mails

Whenever NRC-originated documents are issued, members of the public can receive a copy of that correspondence to support the NRC value of openness. These copies are distributed through email to provide timely information to the public.


Members of the public can sign up at Lyris Subscription to receive emails on many different NRC subjects, including information from specific operating reactors. The NRC has also set up an email list for ATF-related outgoing documents and any email addresses submitted will receive copies of all ATF-related correspondences.

To receive ATF-related outgoing documents

  1. Please go to the "Subscribe to E-mail Updates" page.
  2. Enter your email in the block that is about half way down the page.
  3. Find "Accident Tolerant Fuel outgoing correspondence" near the bottom of the page.
  4. Click on the small block to the left of "Accident Tolerant Fuel outgoing correspondence" so that a check mark appears in the box.
  5. Click on "Subscribe" at the bottom of the page

Submit ATF Questions

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