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Who:   NuScale Power, LLC

What:   Pre-application design certification interaction to discuss small modular reactor issues related to the NuScale design.

When:   Design Certification Application expected second half of 2016.

Website:   http://www.nuscalepower.com/ exit icon

Project Overview

The staff of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is currently engaged in pre-application activities on the NuScale small modular reactor (SMR) design. NuScale is an integral pressurized-water reactor (iPWR), designed by NuScale Power, LLC. The design is based on MASLWR (Multi-Application Small Light Water Reactor) developed at Oregon State University in the early 2000s. NuScale is a natural circulation light water reactor with the reactor core and helical coil steam generator located in a common reactor vessel in a cylindrical steel containment. The reactor vessel/containment module is submerged in water in the reactor building safety related pool. The reactor building is located below grade. The reactor building is designed to hold 12 SMRs. Each NuScale SMR has a rated thermal output of 160 MWt and electrical output of 50 MWe, yielding a total capacity of 600 MWe for 12 SMRs.

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Contacts for the NuScale Design Certification
Lead Project Manager Gregory Cranston
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