Sunshine Week Initiative: Your Right to Know

In recognition of Sunshine Week, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) invites you to participate in one of our newest initiatives to increase our transparency, participation, and collaboration with the public and other agency stakeholders. The NRC Blog is an easy-to-use citizen-engagement tool, which enables you to share your ideas with the NRC in a moderated forum. It also serves as a vehicle for informing, explaining, and clarifying the actions, roles, and responsibilities of the NRC, and raising awareness about our agency and its mission.

The blog debuted on January 31, 2011, with a welcome message from NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko. Since then, we’ve continued to engage the public by publishing regular posts on topics ranging from the NRC’s role in international nuclear affairs to new ways to find information on our Web site. Within 2 months, these posts elicited some 90 comments from the public, with more being added each day.

We’re delighted that our new blog is attracting thousands who want to know more about the NRC — 22,000 in the first month alone! We invite you to use the blog to —

  • Review recent postings about topics of interest.
  • Submit ideas.
  • Comment on ideas submitted by others.
  • Learn more about our mission and regulatory activities.

You can also access the blog using mobile devices (such as smart phones) by entering the site address ( in the device’s Web browser.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Page Last Reviewed/Updated Monday, July 07, 2014