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Spent Fuel Package Correspondence

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USA/3035/B(U)F-96 JRC-80Y-2OT
USA/3088/B(U)F-96 CASTOR
USA/9225/B(U)F-96 NAC-LWT
USA/9226/B(U)F-85 GA-4
USA/9228/B(U)F-96 2000
USA/9235/B(U)F-96 NAC-STC
USA/9253/B(U)F-96 TN-FSV
USA/9255/B(U)F-85 NUHOMS MP187
USA/9261/B(U)F-96 HI-STAR 100
USA/9276/B(U)F-85 TS125
USA/9293/B(U)F-85 TN-68
USA/9302/B(U)F-96 NUHOMS-MP197HB
USA/9313/B(U)F-96 TN-40
USA/9325/B(U)F-96 HI-STAR 180
USA/9336/B(U)F-96 HI-STAR 60
USA/9341/B(U)F-96 BRR
USA/9358/B(U)F-96 TN-LC
USA/9367/B(U)F-96 HI-STAR 180D
USA/9373/B(U)F-96 HI-STAR 190
USA/9374/B(U)F-96 HI-STAR 80
USA/9378/B(U)F-96 HI-STAR 100MB
USA/9793/B(U)F-85 M-140
USA/9796/B(U)F-96 M-290

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