Mike Franovich

Michael X. Franovich serves as the Director, Division of Risk Assessment, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR) and has held that position since January 2018.

Mr. Franovich joined the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in 1990, as a General Engineer in NRR. Since joining the NRC, he has held numerous staff positions including Project Manager for System 80+ new reactor design, NRR; Nuclear Engineer in the Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards (NMSS); Resident Inspector at McGuire Nuclear Station; and Senior Reliability and Risk Analyst, NRR. Since 2005, Mr. Franovich has held management and leadership positions including Chief, Probabilistic Risk Assessment Operational Support and Maintenance Branch, NRR; Executive Technical Assistant, Office of the Executive Director for Operations; Commissioner Ostendorff’s Technical Assistant for Reactors; Chief, Programmatic Oversight and Regional Support Branch, NMSS; and Deputy Director, Japan Lessons-Learned Division, NRR. In August 2016, Mr. Franovich joined the Senior Executive Service (SES) as the Acting Director, Japan Lessons-Learned Division, NRR. In March 2017, he assumed the position of Deputy Director, Division of Safety Systems, Risk Assessment, and Advanced Reactors, Office of New Reactors.

Mr. Franovich received a bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Florida and a master’s degree in Reliability Engineering from the University of Maryland with concentration in probabilistic risk analysis. He is a graduate of the NRC’s SES Candidate Development Program.

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