Douglas Osborn

Having worked at Sandia National Laboratories for more than 17 years, Dr. Douglas M. Osborn has led projects and/or served as the technical point of contact for various nuclear safety and security efforts across a diverse set of domestic and international entities. And for almost 30 years, Dr. Osborn has been fortunate to pursue his passion for nuclear engineering with a career foundation standing firmly upon educational, research, and operational experiences, starting from his service in the U.S. Navy, through stepping up to lead advancements in nuclear safety and uncertainty analysis, and by taking a step even higher to lead developments in an integrated approach to nuclear security and safety. In response to the challenges associated with ensuring U.S. energy security (in part through advancements in nuclear power), Dr. Osborn has been honored to lead efforts in developing an approach for integrating nuclear safety and security that will achieve a cost-effective, dynamic assessment framework for evaluating threats. Dr. Osborn currently serves as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program’s physical security pathway lead. In this leadership position, he has built a team of world-renowned nuclear security experts to consider otherwise-unknown issues with domestic nuclear power. Through engagements and feedback from the U.S. nuclear power industry’s physical security community, Dr. Osborn is helping address physical security issues through novel advancements across many disciplines (i.e., risk, sensors, barriers, response force, strategies, and modeling/simulation to name a few) and leverages a diverse and complimentary set of DOE experts to help realize an optimized approach to nuclear security.

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