Zachary McDaniel

Zach McDaniel is leading technology development for the Westinghouse Accident Tolerant Fuel Program and has held multiple leadership roles at Westinghouse since 2006. These previous roles include Digital Transformation Portfolio Manager, PWR Fuel Engineering Methods and Innovation Manager, Business Development, and Product Management. He recently worked in collaboration with the US national laboratories and academia through participation on the Department of Energy Consortium For Advanced Simulation Of Light Water Reactors (CASL) Program to advance modelling and simulation tools for industry application. He is currently serving on the Executive Committee of the American Nuclear Society Reactor Physics Division and is on the Purdue University College of Engineering Ethics Advisory Council.

Prior to his positions at Westinghouse, he worked for Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory.

Zach holds a bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University and an Executive MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

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