Edwin Lyman

Edwin S. Lyman is the Director of Nuclear Power Safety at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) He is a member of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management and the American Nuclear Society. Dr. Lyman co-authored the critically acclaimed book, Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster (New Press, 2014). In 2018, Dr. Lyman was awarded the Leo Szilard Lectureship Award from the American Physical Society. He currently serves on a National Academies committee studying nuclear fuel cycles and advanced reactor wastes. Before joining UCS, Dr. Lyman was president of the Nuclear Control Institute. From 1992 to 1995, he was a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University's Center for Energy and Environmental Studies (now the Science and Global Security Program). He earned a B.A. in physics from New York University in 1986 and a Ph.D. in physics from Cornell University in 1992.

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