Florian Baciu

Florian Baciu achieved his PhD in Physics, in 2001, at the National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering in Bucharest, Romania, in the field of environmental radioactivity measurements and modeling. Early in his career, Mr Baciu was an environmental radioactivity research scientist coordinating the Dose Assessment and Countermeasures Recommendation Group within the national nuclear and radiological emergency response structures. He then served in the Romanian Nuclear Regulatory Body as head of the Emergency Response Centre and leader of the General Directorate for Environmental Radioactivity Surveillance. Since 2008, he was the Response System Coordinator in the IAEA's Incident and Emergency Centre, coordinating the response activities performed in regard to nuclear and radiological emergencies and in regard to the requests for assistance communicated to the IAEA. Since January 2021, Mr Baciu is the Acting Head of the IAEA's Incident and Emergency Centre.

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