Brian Kemker

Brian Kemker joined the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in January 1998.  He is a native of Henderson, Nevada.

Mr. Kemker received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics from Purdue University in December 1984.

Mr. Kemker served as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy from December 1984 through March 1990, where he was assigned tours of duty aboard two nuclear powered submarines.  From April 1990 through 1995, he served in various positions at the Fast Flux Test Facility in Hanford, Washington including Operations Engineer (SRO), Refueling Engineer, and Test Engineer.  In 1995, Mr. Kemker joined the Electric Boat Corporation where he worked on the design of the Virginia Class submarine reactor plant, initially performing design engineering work in the Reactor Plant Fluids Group and finally assigned as the Major Area Team Leader responsible for all the design arrangements for the reactor compartment.

Mr. Kemker started with the NRC in January 1998 as the Resident Inspector at Byron Station.  From September through December 2001, he was the acting Senior Resident Inspector for Millstone Unit 2.  From January 2002 through May 2008, he was the Senior Resident Inspector at the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant.  Mr. Kemker was detailed to the Office of Nuclear Security Special Projects in the Office of the Executive Director for Operations from July 2005 through October 2005, where he led small teams of NRC and contractor staff performing site specific assessments to identify mitigation strategies for the postulated loss of large areas of the plant due to explosions or fire.  From May 2008 through July 2013, he was the Senior Resident Inspector at the Clinton Power Station.  From August 2013 through July 2017, he was the Senior Resident Inspector at the Fermi 2 Plant.  He has been the Senior Resident Inspector at the Vogtle 3&4 since August 2017. 

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