C. Rick Grantom

C. R. (Rick) Grantom is an independent operational risk management and analysis consultant specializing in the development and application of technical risk management programs for engineered facilities.  Mr. Grantom has 40 years of experience in the commercial nuclear industry supporting both international and domestic nuclear power industries.

He was employed at the South Texas Project for 33-years.  During his time he held various positions including the Manager, Risk Management.  In this capacity, he was responsible for STP’s Risk Management and PRA programs.  As Manager of Risk Management, Mr. Grantom oversaw and directed the development, approval, and implementation of key pilot risk informed applications including Graded QA, the precursor to 10 CFR 50.69, Risk Managed Technical Specifications, commonly referred to as "4B", and lastly risk informed GSI-191 on emergency sump performance.

Mr. Grantom is also the Co-Chair of the ASME/ANS Joint Committee on Nuclear Risk Management (JCNRM), a national consensus Standards body, which is responsible for the development, publication, and maintenance of PRA Standards and Guidance concerning nuclear risk management as applied to nuclear facilities and also an Ex-Officio member of the ASME Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards.

Rick holds a Senior Reactor Operator Management Certification from STP, is a nuclear engineering graduate from Texas A&M University, and is a registered professional nuclear engineer in the State of Texas.

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