Lunchtime Workshop - Tuesday

March 13, 2018

Identity Theft and Protecting Your Internet Accounts from Hackers

Sponsored by the Office of the Inspector General

This presentation will help you prevent cyber hackers from:

  • Stealing nuclear industry proprietary information, contract bidding information, and other sensitive information
  • Stealing your identity and Internet accessible accounts, including corporate e mail, Government e mail, and bank/financial accounts
  • Locking you out of your computers and forcing you to pay bitcoin ransom to decrypt them.


  • Government employees are targeted by hackers in efforts to steal nuclear industry proprietary information, multimillion dollar contract bidding information, and other sensitive information.
  • Hackers can easily steal money from your bank/financial accounts without you knowing.
  • Hackers can easily read, send and receive e mails from your account using your identity without you knowing.
  • Hackers can encrypt your entire company’s computer network or individual computers and force you to pay them bitcoin money to decrypt (ransomware).
  • Hackers can steal your information in the “cloud”.
  • Examples of hackers arrested by special agents and examples of attempted cyberattacks against corporate and Government computer systems
  • Computer forensics examinations—hidden information about you stored on your computer
  • Is it safe to check your e mail or log into your bank account on a hotel computer?
  • Is it safe to connect your flash drive to a hotel computer even if it is encrypted?
  • Preventive measures to keep your computer information and Internet accessible accounts safe from hackers

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