Application of the changes to NUREG/BR-0058 to the Regulatory Analysis of theDecommissioning of Power Reactors Rulemaking

Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Security

The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of the changes to NUREG/BR-0058, “Regulatory Analysis Guidelines of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission,” Revision 5, issued April 2017,  and discuss the application of these changes to the preparation of the regulatory analysis for the Decommissioning of Power Reactors rulemaking. The presentation will focus on the changes to NUREG/BR-0058 that have contributed to the NRC staff’s ability to produce regulatory analyses that are robust and comprehensive and thus ensure efficient and reliable nuclear regulation. These changes include the treatment of statistical uncertainty when developing realistic estimates of the cost for implementing a proposed regulation, refined methods for assessing factors thatare difficult to monetize, and the incorporation of best practices for cost estimating. The regulatory analysis in support of the Decommissioning of Powe rReactors regulatory basis and proposed rulemaking will be the case study that demonstrates these improvements to the NRC’s methodology for conducting cost-benefi tanalyses. The presentation will highlight how the analysis of the economic impact to the nuclear power industry, government, and society resulting from the rulemaking has been produced using the best cost-estimating practices. In addition to a summary of the total cost to the nuclear power industry,government, and society, the presentation will present the cost drivers and the statistical uncertainty in the cost. Finally, the presentation will show thatthe staff’s proposed rulemaking alternatives to streamline the decommissioning process in an effort to make it more efficient and reliable results in overallcost savings to the nuclear power industry, government and society.

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