William Jones

William Jones serves as the Director, Division of Construction Oversight in Region II and is responsible for management of NRC's oversight of construction activities at new nuclear facilities. This included the Watts Bar Unit 2 facility up to the issuance of the operating license.  The Division of Construction Oversight coordinates with the project offices in conducting inspections of vendors, applicants and licensees. These inspections support the NRC's regulatory decisions regarding licensing, construction, and operations of the advanced reactor, SHINE and mixed oxide fuel fabrication facilities. The Division of Construction Oversight also supervises and directs the resident inspectors.

Bill joined the NRC in 1980 as a co-op and advanced through various inspector and leadership positions including regional, resident and senior resident inspector positions at BWR and PWR facilities during construction, preoperational, startup and power operations.  He was one of 10 initial Senior Reactor Analyst, and served as the Chief of two project branches, the Allegation Coordination and Enforcement Branch and an engineering branch.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  He has served in the NRC’s Senior Executive Service since 2010.

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