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Farshid Shahrokhi

Dr. Shahrokhi’s entire professional career has been in the nuclear power industry.  He began his career at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a graduate student adjunct research assistant.  He then joined B&W, Framatome, and now AREVA 35 years ago where he has held a variety of technical leadership positions.  As the Director of Reactor Technology for AREVA high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) technical team, he has designed several compact heat exchanger concepts, evaluated and selected appropriate high-temperature materials, and evaluated test results.  He was the safety and licensing manager for the AREVA HTGR where he established the licensing strategy for AREVA HTGRs.  He led the conceptual design and high-temperature material selection tasks for major HTGR components including the reactor vessel, the cross vessel and the steam generator vessel.  Under his technical leadership AREVA completed the design of a multi-loop Helium cooled high temperature test facility capable of simulating high temperature conditions for testing the HTGR materials and components.  As the manager of AREVA HTGR system engineering he developed allocated and maintained HTGR plant and system requirements.  He is currently the Director of AREVA HTGR Technology.
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