Shawn St. Germain

Shawn St. Germain holds a master’s degree in nuclear engineering from the University of Idaho, an MBA from City University of Seattle and a BS in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University.  He has worked at the Idaho National Laboratory for 11 years as principal investigator in the Risk Assessment and Management Services department.  He is currently the principal investigator for the NRC projects titled “Operating Experience Data for Risk Applications” and "SACADA Operations" and a Department of Energy Light Water Reactor Sustainability project titled “Outage Risk Management Improvement”.  Shawn was previously an SRO certified Shift Technical Advisor and Shift Support Supervisor at Columbia Generating Station, a commercial boiling water reactor for 5 years.  He was also a nuclear trained surface warfare officer in the United States Navy for 7 years where he was qualified as a Navy Nuclear Engineer by the Department of Naval Reactors and qualified Propulsion Plant Watch Officer on the USS Nimitz.

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