Jang-Hwan Na

  • Studied Nuclear Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Has been working at Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company from 1987 for the development of APR1400, Advanced ALWR design, particularly on the subjects of PSA and severe accidents.
  • Leads the PSA/RIA group of KHNP from 2005 and performed followings; 1)Developed and updating of PSA Level 1, Level 2 model including External Events for 24 operating nuclear power plants, 2) Performing Level 3 and Shutdown Low Power PSA for 8 newly construction plants, 3) Developed Risk monitoring System(RIMS : Risk Monitoring System) & ORION : Outage Risk Indicator Of NPPs) for all operating nuclear power plants
  • After Fukushima accidents, main focus and work areas are to the safety improvement of construction plants and the enhancement of safety on operating plants by integrating of adding the system such as FLEX strategy, implementation of stress test for all Korean operating plants and feedback of severe accident and PSA insights into plants.
  • Also, is developing Korean nuclear power plants sites(multi-units) risk model and KHNP- SOARCA projects.

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