Stephanie Devlin-Gill

Stephanie Devlin-Gill is the project lead for the Process for the Ongoing Assessment of Natural Hazard Information (POANHI).  A geophysicist by training, Stephanie has been with the NRC for ten years first as an Office of New Reactor's Technical Reviewer in the area of vibratory ground motion, then as a Technical Assistant.  Stephanie gained experience by reviewing combined and operating license (COL), early site permit (ESP), and design certification (DC) applications.  Additionally, Devlin-Gill has reviewed operating reactor site seismic hazard reevaluations associated with the Near-Term Task Force (NTTF) seismic Recommendation 2.1 (R2.1).  Most recently, Stephanie has been the Branch Chief Designee overseeing the reviews of the probabilistic flood hazard analyses, which were received in response to NTTF R2.1 flooding.

Prior to working for the NRC, Stephanie earned her PhD in geophysics at Cornell University and a BA in physics at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

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