T7  Back to the Future in Emergency Preparedness

During the past 60 years, as a result of lessons learned, technological advancements, analyses of radiological events, and other contributions, Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Preparedness Programs have improved in their ability to provide for public safety. Given what has occurred in the past, this session will focus on what the future may look like in radiological emergency preparedness as the panel explores innovative and transformational concepts by using the past to predict what is yet to come. The audience will gain insights on what they may expect to see in upcoming NRC and international initiatives to benefit public safety. The session will be conducted as a question and answer forum with an opportunity by the panelists to make short introductory presentations.




  • Jonathan Fiske, Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Division of Preparedness and Response, NSIR/NRC tel: 301-287-9228, e-mail: Jonathan.Fisk@nrc.gov

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