W16  Combatting Counterfeit Parts in Critical Infrastructures–Past, Present, and Future

The commercial nuclear industry has been responding to the challenges of counterfeit, fraudulent, and suspect items (CFSI) infiltrating its supply chain since the 1980s. Pressures currently influencing today’s supply chain include the need for aggressive cost savings, aging technologies, increasing market competition, rising operating/production costs, global trade issues, and supply demands from competing construction projects around the globe. To maintain high performance in today’s nuclear supply chain, stakeholders need to have effective early detection processes in place to identify and remove CFSI.

This session will present a broad view of some of the CFSI issues that have challenged the industry in the past, how the industry has responded, and ideas on how to better collaborate in the future to combat the introduction of CFSI into the nuclear supply chain. The audience will be presented with various lessons learned as evidenced by key participants from very diverse perspectives who all share the same goal—stop the infiltration of CFSI into the commercial nuclear supply chain.

This panel will discuss the impacts and trends facing today’s supply chains due to the introduction of CFSI and the efforts by stakeholders to combat this concerning problem.

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