Marina Röwekamp

  • Physics (Diploma) at University of Bonn (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität) with focus on elementary particles and nuclear physics
  • PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) at University of Bonn in Physical Chemistry (material science)
  • Employed by GRS (Gesellschaft für Anlagen- and Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH) since 1988
  • Senior Expert for Fire Safety (deterministic and probabilistic analyses and reviews)
  • Senior Expert, Technical Project Leader and Team Head for Internal and External Hazards
  • Chair of OECD FIRE Database Project Program Review Group8Chair of OECD/NEA joint PRISME2 experimental project Program Review Group8German member of OECD/NEA High Energy ArcingFaults (HEAF) experimental project8Chair of OECD/NEA/CSNI WGRISK
  • Member of the German PSA Expert Group on PSA (Facharbeitskreis PSA)

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