Christopher N. Passmore

Chris Passmore currently holds the position of Vice President of Dosimetry Services at LANDAUER. Mr. Passmore has more than 26 years of experience in all aspects of dosimetry and radiological protection fields. Mr. Passmore is an internationally known expert in dosimetry, radiation monitoring, radiation field characterization, regulatory compliance, and accreditation programs. He has technical responsibility for the LANDAUER’s world leading analytical dosimetry laboratory, including analysis, dose reporting, regulatory compliance, quality control, engineering, and manufacturing.  Mr. Passmore also holds the positons of LANDAUER’s Head of the Approved Dosimetry Services in Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland. He is a member of the Nagase-Landauer and Beijing – LANDAUER Board of Directors.

Mr. Passmore serves as a United States delegate and technical expert to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) TC45 and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) TC85, where he has been involved in influencing and developing several critical dosimetry standards (IEC 62387, ISO 21099, ISO 15690, ISO 15382, and ISO 14146) and was recently appointed to ISO Ad Hoc Committee to develop standards on Population Monitoring Following Radiological Accidents. In addition to international standard committees he also serves as a member of the Health Physics Society Standard Committee.

Prior to joining  LANDAUER, Mr. Passmore worked for 10 years in the Department of Energy nuclear weapons complex managing external and internal dosimetry programs at Rocky Flats Plant (plutonium and uranium facility) and Pantex (nuclear weapon assembly/disassembly). Mr. Passmore was also appointed as assessor for the Department of Energy Laboratory Accreditation Program in 1993 and fulfilled this role until joining LANDAUER in the fall of 2000.

Mr. Passmore holds an MS Degree in Health Physics from National Technological University, a BS in Nuclear Engineering from Arizona State University and a BS Degree in both Physics and Engineering from Illinois College. He is also certified in Comprehensive Health Physics by the American Board of Health Physics.

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