Sanjeev ("Sanj") Malushte

Dr. Sanj Malushte is a Bechtel Fellow and Technology Manager at Bechtel NS&E Corporation in Reston, VA.  He has worked at Bechtel for over 27 years, and was elected a Bechtel Fellow in 2005, which is the highest technical recognition within Bechtel made in recognition of contributions to Bechtel and the profession.

At Bechtel, Dr. Malushte, provides a wide range of technical and technological oversight and consultation in many areas of structural and earthquake engineering.  In the past, he has worked on many U.S. and international nuclear, fossil, and renewable power projects in diverse roles and design/resident engineer, analyst/technical specialist, and in function/direct supervision.  Dr. Malushte has also provided technical consultation to several Bechtel projects for Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear facilities, chemical demilitarization facilities, mining and metals facilities, civil infrastructure, and oil/gas/chemical facilities.

Dr. Malushte taught as an adjunct faculty member from 1999 to 2014 at Johns Hopkins University, where he taught several graduate level structural engineering courses.  He also taught American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) two-day seismic seminar, and many in-house seismic/structural engineering seminars within Bechtel.  He has led, participated in, supervised, sponsored, or peer-reviewed several funded research projects at Bechtel, Purdue University, Virginia Tech, and University at Buffalo in the areas of earthquake engineering, composite design, and computational fluid mechanics, and has presented and/or published over 70 journal or conference papers.

Dr. Malushte is a fellow of ASCE and ICE (UK), and is licensed as a civil, structural, and mechanical engineer in several U.S. states (including California) and the UK.  He has been an active member of several ASCE and AISC standard committees, and was the founding chair of AISC standard committee for Modular Steel-Plate Composite (SC) Structures for Nuclear Facilities.  Recently, Dr. Malushte has been serving as a reviewer/contributor to DOE Standard 1020 (Design for Natural Phenomena Hazards).  He has served on several peer-review panels for the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, AISC, DOE, and is a past member of the ASCE Policy Committee for Energy, Environment, and Water.

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