United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

W11  Emergency Preparedness and the Public: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Panelists will discuss public interest in emergency preparedness and response for nuclear facilities and explain how it is viewed as the interface between regulation and their communities. They will also discuss current strategies for establishing and maintaining communication on emergency preparedness and response.

  • Welcome Remarks
    Michael Johnson, Deputy Executive Director, Division for Reactor and Preparedness Programs, OEDO/NRC
  • Dan Dorman, Regional Administrator, RI/NRC
  • David Lochbaum, Director, Nuclear Safety Project, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Aldo Capristo, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, STP Nuclear Operating Company
  • James K. Joseph, Director of IEMA/Deputy State Homeland Security Advisor, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
  • Jonathan M. Hoyes, Director, Technological Hazards Division, National Preparedness Directorate, Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Cindy Rosales-Cooper, Senior Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Division of Preparedness and Response, NSIR/NRC tel: 301-287-9500, e-mail: Cindy.Rosales-Cooper@nrc.gov
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