W19  Regional Session—Current Nuclear Power Plant and Regulatory Issues

The Regional Administrators of each of the four NRC regions and senior nuclear industry executives will discuss contemporary issues involving nuclear power plant operation and regulation in the United States.

  • Welcome Remarks
    Michael Johnson, Deputy Executive Director for Reactor and Preparedness Programs, OEDO/NRC
  • Dan Dorman, Regional Administrator, RI/NRC
  • Cathy Haney, Regional Administrator, RII/NRC
  • Cindy Pederson, Regional Administrator, RIII/NRC
  • Kriss Kennedy, Regional Administrator, RIV/NRC
  • A.Christopher Bakken, III, Executive Vice President, Nuclear Operations/Chief Nuclear Officer, Entergy Services, Inc.
  • Adam Heflin, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Nuclear Officer, Wolf Creek Operating Station
  • Desiree Smith, Emergency Response Coordinator, Division of Reactor Safety, RIII/NRC tel: 630-829-9853, e-mail: Desiree.Smith@nrc.gov

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