W18  Recent Research and Applications of Severe Accident and Offsite Consequence Analysis

Two NRC computer codes—MELCOR and MACCS (MELCOR Accident Consequence Code System)—are designed to model realistic outcomes of severe accident scenarios at nuclear power plants. These codes have been used in a number of recent applications, including an integrated deterministic and uncertainty analysis for the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant as part of the State of the-Art Reactor Consequence Analyses, benchmarking studies of the progression and offsite consequences of the accident at Fukushima, and the evaluation of options for containment protection and release reduction for boiling water reactors. This session will provide an overview of selected recent applications of the MELCOR and MACCS severe accident codes and describe how insights from these applications are being used in the regulatory framework.

  • Laura Smith, Reactor Inspector, Division of Reactor Safety, RIII/NRC tel: 630-829-9688, e-mail: Laura.Smith@nrc.gov

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