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W17  Nuclear Supply Chain—Opportunity to Excel

If the nuclear industry is to excel in both safety and performance, the nuclear supply chain must successfully deliver high quality, reliable components and services. This session focuses on recent challenges in the nuclear supply chain and examines how utilities and vendors can meet those challenges for operating and new reactors. A major supply chain challenge is replacement of obsolete components at a time when commercial grade dedication and reverse engineering are more common. Panelists will discuss reverse engineering guidance, the significance of technical information exchange between commercial grade dedication vendors and utilities, and the NRC’s observations of replacement components during its inspections, including those associated with the lessons learned pilot inspections at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Panelists will also discuss supply chain challenges experienced outside the U.S. nuclear industry and lessons that can be shared for our benefit. Panelists will explain how alignment between vendors and utilities, verification of quality in the supply chain, and methods used to tackle obsolescence are affecting quality in the nuclear supply chain and how organizations are addressing these key topics.

  • Antoinette Sakadales, Program Analyst, Division of Construction Inspection & Operational Programs, NRO/NRC tel: 301-415-6441, e-mail: Antoinette.Sakadales@nrc.gov
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