T8 Recent Developments in Administrative Law: Public Access, Procedural Transparency and Challenges to Entry in Adjudicatory Hearings Before the NRC

The session will address legal issues affecting the right to a hearing by interested parties including industry, state and local governments, Native American tribes, and members of the public in matters before the NRC concerning new, operating and decommissioned reactors and materials licensees. The legal requirements will be examined from the perspective of various participants in the licensing process, including the States, license applicants, and those (such as Native American tribes, public interest organizations, and members of the public) who may oppose or have concerns about a proposed reactor or materials license.

  • William Froehlich, Administrative Judge, ASLBP/NRC and Ronald Spitzer, Administrative Judge, ASLBP/NRC
  • Emerging Issues at NRC for Administrative Litigation
    Christopher S. Pugsley, Partner, Thompson & Pugsley, PLLC
  • An Indian Tribe's Perspective on Adjudicatory Hearings before the NRC
    Philip R. Mahowald, Senior Attorney, Jacobson, Magnuson, Anderson & Halloran, P.C.
  • Recent Developments in Administrative Law
    Geoffrey H. Fettus, Senior Attorney, Energy and Transportation Program, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • State's Perspective on ASLB Proceedings
    Kyle Landis-Marinello, Assistant Attorney General, State of Vermont

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