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Regulatory Findings: Enhancing the Training of Reactor Technical Reviewers

Sponsored by the Office of New Reactors and the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

The purpose of the poster titled “Regulatory Findings:  Enhancing the Training of Reactor Technical Reviewers” is to advertise a new course being offered to technical reviewers at the Professional Development Center (PDC).

In a collaborative effort, the offices overseeing operating reactor and new reactor reviews at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have developed and taught a new Fundamentals of Reactor Licensing Workshop for Technical Reviewers.  The course, taught by senior NRC staff, focuses on the technical reviewer’s responsibility to make, explain, and defend a regulatory finding—regardless of the activity or discipline.  Modules cover topics from the founding of the NRC to writing a safety evaluation to assessing the significance of an operational event.  Engaging examples such as designing the headlight system of a car to proofreading a press release anchor lecture material for the students.  This course will be offered three times a year as continuing training for all technical reviewers and qualification training for new reviewers, and serves as a model for intra‑agency cooperation and staff agility.  This poster depicts the central concept of the course, the outline of materials, and some examples of innovative teaching approaches taken in the course.

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