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History of Defense-in-Depth in Regulatory Decisionmaking

Sponsored by the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

The purpose of this poster is to inform interested stakeholders on the rich history of defense‑in‑depth in regulatory decisionmaking at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

This poster session presents insights from a Knowledge Management NUREG that provides a historical perspective on the development, application, and treatment of the defense‑in‑depth concept in the areas of nuclear power reactors, materials, security, and other program areas regulated by the NRC.  It will also provide insights on defense‑in‑depth from the international community and other Federal agencies that are engaged in or oversee high‑risk industries.  This poster session will also share some of the observations, based on a review of the historical record, on implementing defense‑in‑depth and criteria that have been used to assess its adequacy.

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