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Vidas Paulikas

Mr. Vidas Paulikas has started his career as an inspector at nuclear regulatory authority of Lithuania (State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate - VATESI) in 1998. His responsibilities consisted of regulation and oversight of staff, organization and quality management of nuclear facilities. At the same time Mr. Paulikas was responsible for the organization of trainings of VATESI staff, preparation and implementation of PHARE programme projects in VATESI, and introduction of VATESI quality management system. During this period regulatory requirements for staff and organization management of nuclear facilities were established, introductory VATESI staff training programme was created, and the first procedures of VATESI quality management system were established. The implementation of PHARE projects provided opportunities to improve the competencies of VATESI and technical support organizations' staff, to further develop nuclear safety regime in Lithuania.

In 2003 Mr. Paulikas went over to Unit of Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management and soon became head of this unit. Regulation and oversight of storage of spent nuclear fuel, treatment of radioactive waste, planning of decommissioning were within responsibilities of the unit. Due to further development of the responsibilities mentioned and emerging additional issues related to radiation protection, in 2008 the unit has grown into Department of Radiation Protection which one was led by Mr. Paulikas.

Since 2012 Mr. Paulikas is Deputy Head for Radiation Safety responsible for the regulation of radiation safety related activities in the area of nuclear energy involving sources of ionizing radiation, management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, shipment of nuclear fuel cycle materials, emergency preparedness and response.

Mr. Paulikas is a member of Waste Safety Standards Committee (WASSC) of International Atomic Energy Agency.

Education background (Diploma of High Education and Master's Degree) Mr. Paulikas got at  Vilnius Pedagogical University in 1995 and 1996 respectively. In 2000 science degree of Doctor of Physics was conceded.
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