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Andrei Gabriel Blahoianu

Andrei Blahoianu has 45 years of experience in design and regulation of nuclear installations.Currently he is Director of Engineering Design Assessment Division, Directorate of Assessment and Analysis at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. In this capacity, he leads the CNSC regulatory activities related to pressure retaining components, civil engineering, fire protection, aging management, and engineering protection of structures systems and components against the impact from natural hazards as well as man-induced hazards. He is a Professional Engineer of Ontario (PEO). He is the CNSC representative in several CSA technical committees, and International organizations such as International Atomic Energy Agency's International Seismic Safety Centre (ISSC), OECD/NEA working group on Integrity and Aging of Structures and Components (WGIAGE), and OECD/NEA working group on External Events (WGEV). He is also an ASME committee member and a member of IASMIRT Advisory Board. He is the recipient of the Award of Merit on 2012 granted by the Canadian Standard Association (CSA).
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