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Wendell Morton

Wendell Morton, Jr., is the acting chairman of the Multinational Design Evaluation Programme Digital Instrumentation and Controls Working Group (MDEP DICWG).  Mr. Morton joined the NRC in 2008 as an Electronics Engineer in the Instrumentation, Controls, and Electronics Engineering Branch (ICE), in the Division of Engineering Infrastructure and Advanced Reactors within the Office of New Reactors.  Mr. Morton’s responsibilities include performing technical reviews of I&C systems for new reactor designs submitted to the agency such as the U.S. EPR and US-APWR performing inspections for I&C designs under construction in the U.S. such as the AP1000 and participating in international efforts to harmonize regulatory positions on complex I&C topics.

Prior to joining the NRC, Mr. Morton was a Lead Control Systems Engineer in the Nuclear Operating Plant Services (NOPS) group at Bechtel Power Corporation, specializing in performing digital upgrades of older, analog control systems for nuclear operators such as Southern Nuclear.

Before his time at Bechtel, Mr. Morton worked as an I&C and Electrical Systems Engineer at the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant.  Mr. Morton graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering.
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