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Steven Bloom

Steven Bloom began his career at the NRC in 1989, as a Headquarters Operations Officer in the Office for Analysis and Evaluation of Operational Data.  Later he served as Project Managers for Fort Calhoun, Diablo Canyon and Hatch in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulations, as well as for the Davis Besse/Reactor Vessel Head Orders and Generic Letters.  In addition, he served as an Operations Manager in the Work Planning Center.  Next, Mr. Bloom worked as a Project Manager on the AP1000 Design Certification Team to issue the initial Rulemaking, followed by him being the Lead Project Manager for the AP1000 Design Certification Amendment application.  Mr. Bloom next became a Team Leader in the Planning and Scheduling Branch of the Office of New Reactors and has been acting Branch Chief in the Planning and Scheduling Branch and the Balance of Plant Branch.  Mr. Bloom did a rotation to the Office of International Programs as a Desk Officer.  Next, Mr. Bloom was a Senior Reactor Operations Engineer in the ITAAC Branch, in the Division of Construction Inspection and Operations in the Office of New Reactors. Currently, Mr. Bloom is the Branch Chief of the Subsequent Renewal, Guidance, and Operations Branch in the Division of License Renewal.

Before joining the NRC, Mr. Bloom was an Officer in the US Navy serving aboard two different fast attack submarines.  He graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.
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