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Bjorn Brickstad

Bjorn Brickstad studied Engineering Physics at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and he has a Ph.D. in Dynamic Fracture Mechanics from 1983.

He has been working as a consultant for many years with mainly Fracture Mechanics related projects including research within the Nuclear Field with different companies in Sweden.  His area of work has involved performing structural integrity analyses, fracture of piping components including LBB, probabilistic methods and risk-informed ISI.  He is a regular contributor to scientific journals and conference proceedings with over 50 technical publications.  He has also been a member of many international research projects within this area.

Since 2004, he is working with Swedish Radiation Safety Authority as a Senior Analyst in Strength of Materials.  He is there among other things working with reviewing applications from Swedish NPPs of using LBB, risk-informed ISI and Periodic Safety Reviews especially for ageing mechanisms.  He is a principal reviewer of the strength of canisters for final repository of spent nuclear fuel in Sweden.  He is also much involved in the work to revise many of the regulations within the Authority, especially rules for Construction and Inspection of Cranes for Nuclear Facilities.
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