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TH36  On the Path Forward: Implementing Digital Instrumentation and Controls

Last year’s RIC session “Creating a Path Forward for Digital Instrumentation and Controls Upgrade” opened new discussions on the technology challenges and the difficulty experienced by licensees and applicants in demonstrating safety assurance. In response, stakeholders created a number of industry and regulatory initiatives to reduce regulatory uncertainty. This year’s RIC session will provide an opportunity to discuss progress made in improving licensing efficiency and recent initiatives for possible alternatives. The NRC has taken several steps to reduce these uncertainties associated with the licensing of digital safety systems. What are the remaining perceived digital licensing challenges? Has digital technology matured to reduce regulatory uncertainty? What new path would improve regulatory reviews of highly integrated digital platforms and systems? How are other industry sectors addressing similar challenges? What are the emerging challenges for digital instrumentation and controls?

The panelists will explore solutions in licensing nuclear plant digital safety systems. They will also discuss improving the implementation of digital technology in order to enhance the path forward for digital plant reliability and safety.

  • Marissa Bailey, Acting Director, Division of Engineering, NRR/NRC
  • David Rahn, Senior Electronics Engineer (Digital I&C), Division of Engineering, NRR/NRC
  • Gordon Clefton, Senior Project Manager, Nuclear Energy Institute
  • John Connelly, Engineering Manager-Capital Projects, Exelon Nuclear
  • Karl Sturzebecher, Electronics Engineer, Division of Engineering, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-8534, e-mail: Karl.Sturzebecher@nrc.gov
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