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T11  Recent Developments in Federal Administrative Law of Potential Relevance to the NRC

Recent Supreme Court and other federal court decisions may affect the traditional willingness of federal courts to defer to agency interpretations of statutes they administer and regulations issued under those statutes. For example, several Supreme Court justices have indicated an interest in revisiting the issue whether federal courts should defer to agency interpretations of ambiguous provisions in their regulations.   The discussion will consider the potential for such increased judicial scrutiny and its implications.   This discussion will be general; it will not concern specific NRC cases.   The session should be of interest to NRC attorneys, private counsel, and other attendees with an interest in judicial review of NRC actions.

  • Ronald Spritzer, Administrative Judge, ASLBP/NRC and William Froehlich, Administrative Judge, ASLBP/NRC
  • Administrative Law Developments: Deference to NRC's Scientific, Technical, and Policy Expertise
    Emily Hammond, Associate Dean for Public Engagement and Professor of Law, The George Washington University Law School
  • Recent Developments in Federal Administrative Law
    Jerome Nelson, Adjunct Professor, Washington College of Law, American University
  • Deference to Agency Decision Making
    Andrew Averbach, Solicitator, OGC/NRC
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