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NRC's Knowledge Management Program—Committed to Building and Sustaining a Knowledge Enabled Organization

Sponsored by the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer and by the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

This poster presentation will highlight a few of the agency's knowledge management (KM) initiatives that enable employees to dynamically capture and share information and experience, both internally and with the public.

Knowledge Governance: Many organizations struggle to achieve an effective KM program. One contributing reason is ineffective governance. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) possesses a robust KM Program. A major reason for NRC's success in KM is due to its system of governance, which integrates KM horizontally and vertically throughout the agency and achieves a balance of centralized and decentralized KM implementation.

Documenting Knowledge: Launched in 2012, NUREG/KM is a series of publications established to preserve knowledge of documents and events that shaped the regulatory process or a technical topic. The series focuses on collecting and interpreting historical information on identified topics for the benefit of future generations of NRC professionals as well as the public. Currently, the series features seven publications: (1) NUREG/KM-0001, "Three Mile Island Accident of 1979 Knowledge Management Digest," (2) NUREG/KM-0002, "The Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Fire of 1975 Knowledge Management Digest," (3) NUREG/KM-0003, "Fire Protection and Fire Research Knowledge Management Digest, 2013," (4) NUREG/KM-0004, "Fuel Behavior under Abnormal Conditions," (5) NUREG/KM-0005, " 2002 Davis-Besse Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Degradation Knowledge Management Digest," (6) NUREG/KM-0006, "Fundamental Theory of Scientific Computer Simulation Review," and (7) NUREG/KM-0007, "NRC Program on Knowledge Management of Liquid-Metal-Cooled Reactors." The NUREG/KM series is available on the NRC public Web site.

Capturing Knowledge: This poster presentation will provide information on agency processes for capturing knowledge from emerging issues, such as Fukushima lessons learned, and managing it by incorporating it in durable agency guidance, such as rules, regulatory guides, generic communications, and Standard Review Plans. High level descriptions of various processes will be provided, illustrating their purposes and how they are updated.

Sharing Knowledge: The NRC KM program Ask SME and Learn series features agency subject matter experts sharing knowledge and experiences on a variety of topics in both corporate and technical fields. The informal story-telling sessions capture and share critical knowledge and experiences and provide an opportunity for staff across the agency to learn directly from the agency experts on a particular topic in an open forum. The sessions are recorded and made available to staff as a knowledge resource.

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